Kreos Rosé Salento IGT 2012

Castello Monaci

"Kreos" taken from the greek, Eos, a figure of Greek mythology, goddess of the dawn, sister of Helios (the sun) and of Selene (the moon). As the story goes; every morning the goddess weeps inconsolably for the death of her son, killed by Achilles during the siege of Troy, and her tears form the morning dew. Homer called her the goddess with the rosy finger because of the effect seen in the sky at dawn.

Terroir: The Castello Monaci Kreos Rosato comes from the heart of Italy's rosé production region of Apulia. The vineyards of this hot, arid region are made up of dry gravelly soils of limestone and clay forcing the vines deep for nourishment and leading to very low yields and concentrated wines.

Vinification: This 100% Negroamaro is made in the "saignée method" which removes the juice from the skins after just a enough contact to impart a rich pink color and clean berry flavor. 45,000 bottles produced.

This delicious rosé is dry and elegant with bright fruit and floral notes on the nose and palate.

Additional Information

The 2012 Kreos is a vibrant, refreshing and somewhat full-bodied rosé. Aromas and flavors of strawberry, fresh cherry and raspberry dominate, followed by a clean, crisp finish.

Recent Press

  • Wine Image Palm Beach Post Author: Gwendolynne Berry
    Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    "I love dry ros wines for their versatility and food friendliness. They are that just right center between white and red, perfect for everything from barbecue to clambakes. On my night of dinner duty I headed to the seafood market up the road for a bounty of fresh treasure. Without a traditional paella pan in sight, I decided to improvise on a dish that fell somewhere between paella and risotto. Just like the ros, I think it was the best of both worlds."

  • Wine Image The Black Dress Traveler Author: Wanda Mann
    Date: Monday, September 9, 2013

    "Summer is unofficially over but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to ros. As I write this, I'm kicking off my weekend with a glass of Castello Monaci Kreos Rosato 2012. Hailing from the heart of Italy's ros production region of Puglia, this deep pink wine is a blend of Negroamaro (90%) and Malvasia Nero (10%) grapes. Fantastically full-bodied, Kreos has beautiful notes of strawberry and cherry balanced with a crisp and refreshing dry finish. Truly, Kreos is a vibrant vino and a great bargain at around $14 per bottle."

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