Edinburgh Gin

In 1777, there were eight licensed distilleries and almost 400 illegal stills in Edinburgh and the Port of Leith. As gin rose to become the fashionable spirit, Edinburgh distillers, like their London counterparts, produced gin from locally sourced ingredients. Then juniper berries, spices and citrus fruits arrived daily in Leith from all over the world. These exotic ‘botanicals’ were redistilled or ‘rectified’ together with the finest Scottish grain spirit in the time honored fashion. Edinburgh Gin is a reminder of the days when Edinburgh was a center of distilling expertise. Edinburgh Gin’s clean citrus notes and aromatic Juniper make it the perfect base for a Gin and Tonic or Martini, not to mention many of the classic gin cocktails.

Edinburgh Gin is produced in small-batch quantities at the newly built Edinburgh Gin distillery in the heart of the city ensuring that only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce a refreshing clean, crisp gin. At 43% ABV Edinburgh Gin holds the premium gin status.

The 1920s are known as gin’s truly golden era and in keeping with that theme the packaging has an art deco feel that reflects this wonderful period of cocktail parties and drinking sophistication. Bottled in fine Italian glass.