Cuma Malbec 2010

Michel Torino

Cuma Malbec is NOP certified organic.

Terroir: Sourced entirely from estate vineyards high in Argentina's northwest Andes. This extreme elevation lends itself perfectly to organic viticulture. Hot days, cool nights, lack of rainfall and a dry shallow soil allow for minimal human interference to the natural growth cycle of the vines.

Vinification: All organic practices are carried over from vineyard to winery where the wines are carefully handled throughout the entire vinification process. Cuma is produced to be drunk young, therefore little oak is used in the winery; instead the wines are aged at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks in an effort to showcase their natural complexity and deep fruit flavors.

Additional Information

The 2010 Malbec showcases a nose of fresh raspberry and blackbrerry followed by a juicy palate of dark fruit, spice, ripe acidity and a soft finish.

Recent Press

  • Wine Image Miami Herald Author: Fred Tasker
    Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011

    "flavors of black plums and prunes and cinnamon, rich and soft"

    Grade: Recommended
  • Wine Image Gabes View ( Author: Gabe Sasso
    Date: Friday, March 11, 2011

    "When you pour this Malbec its impossible not to notice the beautiful purple hue thats tinged with bits of red. Aromas of sweet red and black jam along with vanilla bean fill the nose of this 2010 Malbec. The word juicy is the first that comes to mind when tasting this wine. Crushed red cherries and black mission fig flavors fill the palate. An undercurrent of spice kicks in and leads to the finish which shows off a bit of sweet dark chocolate and continued spice. Sufficient acidity keeps things in check.
    There are a few things I really like about this Malbec. One is the overall juiciness of the wine. The other is the purity of fruit which is persistent from the first sip until the last. Its loaded with flavors but nicely balanced and easy to drink in the best sense of that expression. The bottom line is that it outclasses its price-point."

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